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St. Louis Artists: Welcome

Resource guide for locating biographical information about artists who were born in or had careers in metropolitan St. Louis.

Artists Files

Richardson Memorial Library retains a sizable collection of ephemera associated with regional artists. Ephemera includes promotional design materials, exhibition brochures, newspaper clippings, artist statements, and resumes. 

Notable artists include Fred Conway, Charles Eames, Joe Jones, Muriel Nezhnie Helfman, Siegfried Reinhardt, Maria Regnier, and Heikki Seppä.


The Missouri Historical Society has extensive holdings related to artists who practiced in the metropolitan area. For additional information, consult its Library & Research Center

The St. Louis Public Library's Special Collections Department also maintains artists files in its St. Louis Room

Artist Biographies


Profile Photo
Keli Rylance
Richardson Memorial Library
Saint Louis Art Museum
One Fine Arts Dr., Forest Park
St. Louis, MO 63110-1380
(314) 655-5255