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SLAM Records Management: Records Retention Policy

Resource guide for staff with recordkeeping responsibilities at SLAM

Records Retention Policy

The purpose of this policy is to establish a records management policy for the Museum to ensure the fulfillment of all federal, state, and other legal requirements, including the State and Local Records Law and other statutes, to provide a consistent, orderly, and effective process of records review, transfer, retention and destruction, and to safeguard the Museum’s history.

All department heads are responsible for the implementation of the Records Retention Policy. They are empowered to recommend policy and schedule changes directly to the Custodian of Records (CoR). It is the responsibility of the CoR to notify the Director of any recommended changes that require administrative approval. If deemed necessary by the Director, the CoR may extend the retention period of a record or suspend its destruction. 

The responsibility for the ongoing management of the Records Retention Policy resides with the CoR. The Secretary to the Boards serves as the Museum’s Custodian of Records as required by Missouri State Statute, ensuring Museum-wide compliance with the Museum’s Records Retention Policy and Missouri Sunshine Law (MO Revised Statutes 610.023) and Federal Freedom of Information Act (Chapter 5 USC §552) requests.

MIssouri Sunshine Law

The Saint Louis Art Museum is subject to the Missouri Sunshine Law.