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Museum Archives: Department Chronologies

Resource guide for those interested in using archival materials

Researching Records

The oldest records originated in the Director's Office, Curatorial, Library, Registration, and Education Departments. These staff chronologies are helpful when researching specific time periods in the museum's past. The annual / biennial reports, under Museum History Resources, also include staff directories by year. 


Halsey C. Ives - Director, St. Louis Museum of Fine Arts (1881-1909), Director (1909-1911)

Robert A. Holland - Acting Director (1911-1912), Director (1912-1922)

Samuel L. Sherer - Administrator (1921-1922), Director (1922-1928)

Charles P. Davis - Acting Director (1928-1929)

Meyric R. Rogers - Director (1929-1939)

James B. Musick - Acting Director (1939-1940)

Perry T. Rathbone - Director (1940-August 1942), Director (1945-1955)

Charles Nagel, Jr. - Acting Director (August 1942-November 1945), Director (1955-1964)

William N. Eisendrath, Jr. - Acting Director (May-June 1955), Acting Director (July-October 1964)

Charles E. Buckley - Director (1964-1975)

Mary-Edgar Patton - Acting Director (August-November 1975)

James N. Wood - Director (1975-1980)

James D. Burke - Director (1980-1999)

Brent Benjamin - Director (1999-2021)

Carolyn J. Schmidt - Interim Director (July 2021-August 2021)

Min Jung Kim - Director (2021- Present)


Charles Ward Rhodes - Curator of Paintings, Museum of Fine Arts (1899-1903)

Francis E. A. Curley - Curator (1909-1913)

Charles Percy Davis - Curator (1914-1930)

Barclay M. Hudson - Assistant to the Curator and Director (1928-1934)

Margaret Wuerpel - Curatorial Assistant (1933-1934)

Franklin M. Biebel - Assistant Curator (1935-1937)

Thomas T. Hoopes - Curator (1936-1964); 1937 - Appointed on annual, rather than 8 months basis

Catherine Filsinger (Hoopes) - Assistant Curator (1935-1964)

Emily S. Rauh (Pulitzer) - Curator (1964-1973)

Following the retirement of Charles P. Davis, curatorial responsibilities were undertaken by Barclay M. Hudson. After Hudson left CAM, Margaret Wuerpel moved from the Education Department to Curatorial as an Assistant. Franklin M. Biebel took a leave of absence from July to October 1937 to complete excavation work in Antioch, Syria. He resigned from his post as Assistant Curator to take a lecturer job at Princeton University. Newly hired Curator Thomas T. Hoopes transitioned from an 8-months appointment to an annual basis upon Biebel's departure. The organization of the department under a single curatorial area persisted until the 1960s. During Emily Rauh's time at the Museum, Assistant, and Associate Curatorships were initiated in the areas of Primitive Arts, Oriental Art and Decorative Art. This marked the beginning of specialization in the curatorial department which continued with the emergence of other areas of specialization in the years to come.


E. Oscar Thalinger - Registrar (1923-1952)

Elizabeth Horton - Registrar (1952-1965)

Richard S. Cleveland - Registrar (1965-1969)

Mary-Edgar Patton - Registrar (1969-1985)

Helene Rundell - Registrar (1985-1986)

Nick Ohlman - Registrar (1987-1999)

Jeanette Fausz - Registrar (1999-2014), Head Registrar (2014-2015)

Ella Rothgangel - Head of Registration (2015-2021), Collections Registrar (February 2021-August 2022)

Diane Mallow - Head of Registration (2021-2022), Director of Registration (2022-March 2024)


Mary Powell - Supervisor of Education (1923-1960)

Jacquelin Ambler - Supervisor of Education (1961-1966)

Thelma Richardson Stockho - Acting Supervisor of Education (1966-1968), Acting Curator of Education (1974-1975, 1978)

Charles C. Savage III - Curator of Education (1968-1973)

Jay Gates - Curator of Education (1976-1978)

Nora Downs Wiseman - Curator of Education (1979-1980), Director of Education (1981-1984)

Elizabeth "Beau" Vallance - Director of Education (1985-2000)

Stephanie Sigala - Acting Director of Education (2000-2002)

William "Bill Appleton - Assistant Director and Head of Education (2002-2013)

Amanda Thompson Rundahl - Director of Learning and Engagement (2014-Present)

Head Librarians

Blanche Archambault - Librarian (1906-1938), formerly of the Saint Louis School and Museum of Fine Arts

Odille Stewart - Librarian (1938-1962)

Vivian Fullerton - Librarian (1962-1968)

Ann Abid - Librarian (1968-1985)

Stephanie Sigala - Head Librarian (1985-2000)

Marianne Cavanaugh - Acting Head Librarian (2000-2002); Head Librarian (2002-2017)

Clare Vasquez - Acting Head Librarian (2017-2018)

Keli Rylance - Head Librarian (2018-Present)