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Museum Archives: Museum History Resources

Resource guide for those interested in using archival materials


The following publications are available in paper and/or digital formats:

  • Annual Reports, 1910-1992
  • Biennial Reports, 1993-2020
  • Board Minutes (Open Sessions), 1909-2022
  • Member Magazines, 1990-Present
  • Poster of Events, 1942-2011

Cass Gilbert's Palace of Fine Arts

Digital resource developed in 2004–2005 that provides an overview of the Saint Louis Art Museum campus: the construction of the Cass Gilbert Palace of Fine Arts, and subsequent alterations, renovations, and additions. Does not include documentation pertaining to the East Building.

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Museum Exhibitions, 1909 - 2022

Artist Index, 1909-2014

The Artist Index, 1909-2014, includes artists who have exhibited their work at the City Art Museum of St. Louis and the Saint Louis Art Museum, the names of the exhibitions in which their work was included, and the titles and media of the works which they exhibited. 

Washington University Ledger

Web Archives

SLAM launched its website on December 15, 1996. This tool can be used to search web archived versions of the institutional website.

Wayback Machine (