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Arts in the Basic Curriculum: FAQs

This resource guide provides supplemental resources to accompany the Saint Louis Art Museum’s “Arts in the Basic Curriculum” (ABC) program. ABC is a multi-visit tour program for student groups that offers six themed tours to choose from.

Frequently Asked Questions


Is this resource intended for students or for teachers? 

This resource is written for educators. Some elements may be useful for students, such as Art Quest videos and youth-oriented books, but the content of the site is intended primarily for use by teachers to extend knowledge and inspire classroom connections. 


Do I need to move through the resource in a specific order? 

No. Themes can be explored at your own pace and based on your own interests.  


What is MOBIUS?  

MOBIUS, a regional library consortium that provides access to nearly 30 million items. The Saint Louis Art Museum's Richardson Memorial Library is a member of MOBIUS. Patrons with accounts at MOBIUS member libraries can request Richardson Memorial Library materials directly through the MOBIUS online catalog with delivery to their local branch in less than five days.  


I am interested in scheduling an ABC tour, how can I apply? 

Please visit the School Programs page on for more information on ABC and other student programs. 


Is there a membership fee or cost associated with using these resources? 

There is no membership cost associated with these resources. Richardson Memorial Library LibGuides are available for use free of charge. Entry to the Saint Louis Art Museum is also free for visitors daily, whenever the Museum is open. 


Do you have to be scheduled for an ABC visit before using this guide? 

No, you do not need to be scheduled for an ABC visit before using this guide. The resources provided can be used in conjunction with ABC tours or independently. This guide may be used to help plan for a possible ABC visit, to learn more about one or more of the 6 themes, generally as a tool to help integrate artworks into classroom curricula.